This man is more than an amalgamation of tunes from the late 80’s and 90’s when “New Jack Swing” was the sound of the day.  Aaron Hall is now the iconic character you would expect him to be after years of growing and maturing into the brilliant recording artist, writer, singer and musician that he is today.

No one could have seen the future better than Hall.  He has reinvented himself to another level far beyond the heyday of the “Guy” group to which he once belonged; and whose instantly recognizable voice was the vocal sound of the group that can never be replaced.  He is the original smooth singer from whom many male vocalists have tried to imitate his style.

Aaron emerged with The Truth, his first solo album in 1993 followed by Inside of You in 1998 and Adults Only:The Final Album in 2005.  Hence the emergence of a new breed of Aaron Hall – vocally stronger than ever and ready to show audiences what the true Aaron Hall is all about, the flip side of who people think he really is.

All one needs is listen to this Bronx, New York born, powerful balladeer and R & B vocalist, who as a child was anointed to sing the gospel.  He takes command of the stage with every performance.  This is not the same CATTDaddy of whom we’re accustomed.  No, this Aaron Hall takes hit singles he penned years ago and churns them out with a silky, resonant tenor that still makes ladies scream and fella’s envious.  Hit songs such as “Piece of My Love,” “Goodbye Love,” “I Miss You” and “Smile”.  On the funky side, songs like Don’t Be Afraid and “Get A Little Freaky with Me” reveal the pop/R&B side of his musical genius. 

Poised to give audiences everything they are looking for, Aaron Hall is all that and more.


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