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Once anyone heard the voice of Martha Wash, they awaited the smooth bass flow of Freedom Williams. As the front man for the internationally successful and multi-platinum selling group “C&C Music Factory”, Freedom has traveled and performed around the world extensively. He hasn’t met a crowd that he couldn’t captivate.

It all began in Queens, New York, home of some of the greatest rappers and entertainers to ever grace a stage. Freedom went to Junior High School in Hollis, Queens, home to RUN-DMC and LL Cool J. Freedom wasn’t just a watcher of Hip-Hop culture. He quickly became one of the innovators. He started by break dancing, but soon came to realize that the guy with the microphone always had the ladies. So at 15, he -began to write his own rhymes and before long he was rocking basement parties, house jams and parks all over the city.

Freedom’s love of music wasn’t fully realized until he took the advice of as professor at Virginia’s Hampton University. This professor counseled him to follow his heart and focus on music. He took the advice and formed “The Chosen Few” also known as “Hard Core” a rap group that opened for Dana Dane, Joe-ski Love, and The Beastie Boys first show ever in Newport News, Virginia. In 1989, Freedom put out his first single, “Rise to Freedom”, on the independent label Nu-Groove Records. It was an underground house hit that admonished the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Working as an assistant engineer at Quad Recording Studios allowed Freedom the opportunity to forge a friendship with Clivilles and Cole of C&C Music Factory, a production team comprising of Robert Clivillés and David Cole. Cole and Clivilles first recorded as “Two Dominicans a Puerto Rican and A Black Man” with "Do It Properly" on their own label in 1987. A bond was soon formed with these mega-hit producers one that still lingers on today.

As a member, writer and co-producer with C & C Music Factory, the group reached US number 1 and UK number 3 in 1990 with "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)'. Any stage this group hit was soon torn apart, which is one of the many reasons why they have sold over six millions records worldwide. The group has garnered Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Awards and even Grammy nominations. Venues around the world were selling out upon the announcement of a scheduled show date. Freedoms need to succeed and his drive was a great force behind the groups’ energetic, great live performan ces.







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