Would you like a FREE Birthday Party! Let us celebrate your special day with us, at no cost to you. If you have any other personal or private event ( bachellrette, anniversary or company party ) lets us throw you a party to remember.

1- Be able to submit your Own Personal Guest List (Ladies FREE before 1am, Guys FREE before 11pm, $10 after)
2- ALL on your List will have VIP Courtesy at the door when they mention your list (skip the line)
3- You will also receive a FREE bottle of champagne.
4- You will also have a table reserved for you, I can get you up to 10% off most bottles too and appetizers.
5- Free drink ticket to the special person

Email fevermusic@aol.com with your guest list in alphabetical order, bold letters, or fax it to 914 725 3485

Please specify which night and club you would like the party at.
We will tell you what is available and do our best to make it a perfect night for you.

Call 212 586 6900
for info

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