The Freestyle Extravaganza Reunion


By Marlene Amaya

On Thursday night, April 20, 2006 there will be a landmark event held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

It will be a reunion of sorts. Legends will join Legends in the World’s most famous arena. A case will be made that this is the ultimate family event. It is happening because those who heard it never let go of it and as a result nurtured it until the time was right to return. The names conjure memories for a generation of Latino’s. The ones who lived here their whole lives and through the music played tonight jointly expressed their souls. It is called Freestyle and it will be an extravaganza. But mostly for Latino’s who grew up as teenagers in the late 80’s and early 90’s it is simply, “Our music”.

The genre that would not go away was a dominant force in the early days of Hip-Hop. They started in the clubs and went on to mainstream success. Then suddenly the momentum stopped. The memories never did and for most of these artists who average in their early 30’s, they are just approaching their primes. They were yesterday and they are today. Never did they stop working. They lived their lives, setting great examples. They were good people who conducted themselves with the best of intents and their fans have responded.

These names are forever. Judy Torres, Cynthia, Lissette Melendez. Shannon, TKA/K-7, Noel. Lisa, Lisa, the Cover Girls, and Coro. George Lamond, Nice and Wild, and Johnny O. We cannot forget the man who had a great impact on all these artists, Sal Abbatiello. As he mentioned to us “This is the Super Bowl” In general all the singers are not only appreciative and humbled by their success, but they recognize that the people have kept it going. Radio stations like KTU played it even when it was no longer fashionable to others.

To many it was a fad. The music was real however. And as with anything that is true from the heart it makes a lasting statement. These artists are us. They represent all that we are and all we strive to be. They told our stories and exposed our fears, our anger, and our passion.

On this evening old fans will reminiscence and new fans will be born. If you want to experience something new then make it a point to go to Madison Square Garden and acquaint yourselves with the roots of Latin music today. Reggaeton and Spanish Hip-Hop were born a long time ago and the sound was different, fresh and vibrant then. It is no different today.

The tireless efforts of the promoter Adam Torres of Latin Entertainment Group and RPM-Ralph Mercado Presents have made it possible for these artists to perform on the grand stage. They will be one of a few stops, as the artists will tour Chicago, Florida, and Loa Angeles throughout the spring. The name of this series “The Freestyle Extravaganza Reunion” will give many around the country the chance to see the young men and women who defined an era in Music forever.

Ahorre April 16, 2006 09:39 AM

Musica Latina para todos los Latinos.


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