Harold Melvin's Blue Notes

The Blue Notes are one of the dynamic groups that came out of the Gamble and Huff Sound of Philadelphia Family. They have been previously know as Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, featuring Teddy Pendergrass.

The Blue Notes were formed over thirty five years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During those years they succeeded in their goal to reach the highest of heights in the world of music. They went on to become superstars by attaining national as well as international recognition. They have performed at Carnegie Hall, The Forum, Hollywood Bowl, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Palladium in London . Their vocal talents and choreographic genius have always marked them 'specialists' in the trade. Among their credits, they have recordings of singles and albums that have reached Gold and Platinum status "If You Don't Know Me By Now" was nominated for a Grammy Award, "The Love I Lost" "Bad Luck" "Wake Up Everybody" the list of hits become endless.

The Blue Notes have gone on to perfect something that was already perfected. There are no adjectives to describe their grand performances, we will simply state that they have been performing to standing room only audiences.

The Blue Notes , years of experience allows you to bear witness to a spell binding soul stirring performance. Because of their professionalism they have maintained all the necessary ingredients that make them special.

Sharon Page
Today Harold Melvin's Bluenotes consist of : Donnell Gillespie: Better known as Big Daddy a native of Philadelphia , Donnell has been singing with Harold Melvin since 1990. Harold took Donnell into his school of teaching in the early 90’s. Which has proven to make Big Daddy one of the great lead singers of R&B music. Rufus Thorne: Fuss as the ladies call him is a native Philadelphian. He has been apart of Harold’s camp since the 1980’s. Fuss tenor voice and unique dance style, helps to keep their unique stage performances that Bluenotes are known for alive. Anthony Brooks: From our nations capitol, Tony as he’s called replaced the late Harold Melvin keeps the smoothness there. His smooth dance style and voice complements the Baritone vocals of Mr. Gillespie. John Morris: Also a native of Philadelphia, has been singing locally for many years. He was asked to be a member of the camp. John’s voice along with his good looks completes the dynamic sounds of Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes. in addition to Ms Sharon Paige


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