Nobody's trying to say that Disco Fever was the only important Hip-Hop Club. But, for many reasons, the Fever is still remembered as the most famous and the most unusual Bronx-based institution ever devoted to promoting the art, style, and formative attitudes of rap music.

Every early Hip Hop legend either worked at, performed at, or patronized the legendary Disco Fever. Luv Bug Starski, Grandmaster Flash, D.J. Hollywood, Eddie Cheeba, Junebug and Sweet G and Reggie Wells all were resident DJ's, and Kurtis Blow was a regular M.C. for the club.

Long before today's rap stars started talking about their diamond Rolexes and platinum chains, Disco Fever was the place to strut and floss and get connected. Charles Stettler discovered the Fat Boys there. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Salt N Pepa, and the Beastie Boys all performed their first rap shows there.

Junebug (RIP), Sal and Kurtis Blow

Future movers and shakers Mr. Magic and Russell Simmons were regulars. Russell Simmons convinced Hollywood that New York's rap scene had national appeal, and the movie Krush Groove, a loosely-fictionalized account of the birth of Def Jam Records, was filmed at the Fever. Hip Hop Fever is the music from that era, straight out of the vaults from Fever Records. Go back in time to where it all began!

written by Warlock Records


HIP HOP FEVER Track Listing:

1- SWEET G "A Heartbeat Rap"
2- SWEET G "Games People Play"
3-GIGOLETTE "Games Females Play"
4-LUVBUG STARSKI "You've Gotta Believe "
5-MC CHILL "Bust This Rhyme "
6-MC HOLIDAY "The Gucciman "
7-GUCCIMAN "Me & You (Getting It On)"
8-MC CHILL feat. Melle Mel "MC Story "
9-III MOST WANTED "Calm Down "
10-III MOST WANTED "Nitty Gritty "
11-NAYOBE feat. Fat Joe & Rayvon "All Night Long "
12-THE COVER GIRLS "Sukiyaki " 13-THE COVER GIRLS feat. Method Man & Redman "I Am Woman"
14-LUVBUG STARSKI "Starski Live at the Disco Fever" (Instrumental)
15-SWEET G "Games People Play " (Instrumental)

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