Take three professional dancers, give them great songs and microphones and what you get is a red-hot trio with huge hits. The group is The Nas-T Boyz and their biggest hits included “What I’m Feeling,” “The Search” and “Intimate Strangers.” They burned up the request lines at leading radio stations in New York, Miami, Chicago, California


The group is made up of lead singer, Twishon, and backup vocalists Jovel (Kid Smurf) and Jayquan (Jay Love). Born and raised in the Bronx, the three grew up together and as they got older they became workout partners.

Growing up, they wrote many songs and would perform them to each other with the ambition of some day becoming recording artists, nestled in the back of their minds. That ambition became a reality when they were discovered at the club, Nightlife, in Connecticut, where they were dancing for Mic Mac recording artist, Maribell. They have also performed on stage with various artists such as Boyz II Men, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, El General, Stevie B, Lil Suzy, George Lamond, Coro, Judy Torres, C & C Music Factory, Marky Mark, Martha Wash.

Their first album, “It’s time to get NAS-T” was released in 1991 on Onna Roll records, and was the perfect musical vehicle for this energetic trio. In 1995, they brought it all back again, with their second album “Intimate Strangers.” Together, they provide the audience with a powerful vocal performance and breathtaking choreography.

Dancing is nothing new to these guys. Their talents are very well displayed in their performances. They leave ladies out of breath and gentlemen envious, while leaving nothing to the imagination.

Now in 2006, their back, with a performance that will bring you back in time, still NAS-T, and looking better than ever!






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