NYASIA has been singing professionally for the past 16 years. After being signed to Mic Mac Records in 1990, her debut song, "Now & Forever", went to number one spots in Miami, Brazil, Chicago and Texas. Her next Single, "Who's Got Your Love", crossed over in California before hitting New York and hitting the top ten.

She has worked with Producers Mickey Garcia, Nelson Cruz, Ellis Pacheco, Mauro DeSantis & Mike Lerello just to name a few.Presently, NYASIA is recording new music with SaFire, Kenny Diaz, Mickey Garcia, Artie Rodriguez, Nu Image and Edwin Ramos.NYASIA'S team has put together a hot brand new show with re mixes of her classics & new material with a few twist along the way that will not disappoint. NYASIA'S goal is to entertain and promote the music she loves !!! 


Now and Forever-- Mic Mac Records
(Billboard Charted)
I'm The One-- Mic Mac Records
Midnight Passion-- Mic Mac Records
Who's Got Your Love-- Mic Mac Records (Billboard Charted)
Don't Waste My Time-- Mic Mac Records
Take Me Away (duet w/ George Anthony)-- Mic Mac Records
Can I Count on Your Love-- Mic Mac Records
Stronger Together (duet w/ David) - Mic Mac Records
Two Time Lover-- Mic Mac Records
Heal My Broken Heart-- Mic Mac Records
I Feel The Way You Do-- Xclusive Records
True Love-- Artistik Records
If I Can See You Now- E.L.I. Records

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