Raul Acosta was born in Santo Domingo capital of the Dominican Republic on September 8th 1971.  Born to father Santo Acosta and Madrecita Bautista, he was the 3rd of 4 Children.  Both parents were very active in sports and music giving Raul a great appreciation of the two fields.

At the age of 7 years old he and his brothers Ivan, Rafael and the neighborhood kids founded a pre adolescent music group called Los Sobrinos Del Rey.  It was a Dominican version of the Jackson 5.  With this early experience,  Raul was able to develop at an early age  his musical talent as well as his stage presence.  At the age of 8 The group did 2 nationally televised performances on the government TV station channel 4 for a tv show called Amarilis con Los Ninos. 

At 9 years old the family moved to the United States like every other immigrant family,  to work hard and prosper.  With no English skills, Raul moved Jersey City,  NJ to start his new life.  Years later,  he moved to Union City where the Hispanic culture was way more affluent.  There he graduated grammar and High School as well as he began his studies of music and sound engineering.  In grammar school,  he started  his entrepreneurial spirits by opening up newspaper routes as well as aiding in bodegas.  Shoveling snow for money was another duty he loved to perform.  In high school he deepend  his studies of music and engineering by joining Kennedy’s Music World,  a local music school.  There he worked retail and operated the music studio as well as helped students in classes.  In 1990 after graduating high school he helped different positions within Hudson County government.  In 1994 he released his self title debut album Oro Solido.  To his amazement,  it was the beginning of a long exciting career….

The albums came almost every year after that.  With hits like Ta Cache,  La Tanguita Roja,  Maria se fue,  El Baile del Beeper,  Una Nalgadita,  La Morena,  Chupa Tu Paleta,  El Baile Del Gorilla,  La Reyna de la Pista, Las Mujeres quieren mas,  El Baile sel 123 y otros,  Oro Solido positoned it self as one of the greatest latin music performers in the world.  They’ve broke many barriers when when it  comes to performing in anglo media and having their music played on anglo radio.  The group holds records of amount of thongs collected on stage.  He has won and been nominated for many awards including Premios Estrellas y Premio Lo Nuestro.   The group regularly performs in all of the latin media shows including the biggest Don Francisco.  It did the first meringue performance on Fox 5 news New York and The Jerry Lewis telethon.  Oro Solido is a regular in the NY Dominican and Puerto Rican Parades.  Extraordinary performances include NY City Hall,  Gracie Mansion and Constitutional Hall in Washington DC.  Also over 5 performances in the Great Madison Square Garden as well as other famous arenas like Universal City Amphitheater in Los Angeles,  El Socalo De Mexico,  El Monumento in Dominican Republic and the Meadowlands in NJ.  Movies like Shaft and RX Christmas feature the group as well as the music.  His discography partnerships with Sony,  Platano and 24k records have proven to be great experiences in Raul’s career.  The group has shared stage with artists like 50 Cent,  Celia Cruz,  Marc Anthony,  Fat Joe,  Johnny Ventura,  Wilfrido Vargas,  Tito Puente,  El Gran Combo and the Temptations among others.  Oro Solido also does benefit work with different organizations like World Vision,  March of Dimes,  The Wheelchair Foundation,  Verizon and the NY’s commission on domestic violence.

Since Oro Solido has one of the biggest market shares in latin music presentations world wide,  it is one of the most promising acts to be able to knock on the door of the US main stream markets.  The new fusion of Merengue, Hip Hop and R & B will be one of the leading sounds of the New century.  The new album is on the way.   





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