Seduction is back for the millennium! This exciting pop-dance trio is on the road again with all their hits (Heartbeat, It Takes Two, Could This Be Love, You’re My One & Only) and April Harris (the original lead vocalist). These three sexy, charismatic performers couple youthful energy with sophistication, a combination that has allowed them to captivate audiences in the US and abroad.

Seduction has maintained an incredible fan base while opening for Lisa Lisa, Stevie B, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vanessa Williams, Aerosmith, The Sugar Hill Gang, C&C Music Factory, RuPaul, Crystal Waters and more. The girls have appeared on Entertainment Tonight, VH-1, Soul Train, Show Time at the Apollo, The Disney Channel, BET, MTV, Live with Regis, Joan Rivers Show, Nickelodeon and CNN Entertainment. Expect to hear more from and about this hot trio early 2003 as they prepare to seduce music lovers with a new single and full-length CD. Let them entertain you – the view is awesome!!



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